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Pos software goes Mobile

POSitive Software Company has released POSitive Mobile, an application that enables Windows Mobile devices to connect in real time to a POSitive Retail Manager database.

POSitive Mobile gives smaller store owners the option to use a relatively inexpensive hand held device to do price look ups and simple orders away from the cashier station”, said Wayne Heaton, Sales Manager for POSitive Software. “This is a great solution for businesses that sell bulky items”, continued Heaton. “You could walk around with your customer and create the order on a Windows Mobile equipped cell phone, and then go to any cashier station and take payment.”

POSitive Mobile can be installed on many devices that use the Windows Mobile platform, such as cell phones, PDA’s and portable data collectors. Price look ups and orders are done in real time through a Wi-Fi connection to the store’s POSitive Retail Manager SQL database. POSitive Mobile also supports the use of portable Bluetooth printers for customer order receipts.


positive pos software

positive pos software