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Recent Updates
  • (2008-07-14) Added ‘Pizza Menu Summary’ screen that allows for rapid editing of pizza sizes, styles and ingredients on the same screen, greatly reducing the time required to create a pizza menu
  • (2008-07-14) Updated Pizza Menu help file topics to reflect recent improvements to the order entry screen and additional back office features
  • (2008-07-14) Added additional keyboard shortcuts on ‘View’ menu
  • (2008-07-14) Cleaned up Sales By Item mini report to prevent redundant date ranges from being displayed
  • (2008-07-14) Added ‘Move Screen’ button that enables the user to move the order entry screen to the top left corner of the screen while back office is open. This is useful for simultaneous menu design and testing on monitors with screen resolution better than 800x600px
  • (2008-07-14) Added ‘Instant Database Update’ button to the ‘Database Synchronization’ toolbar to allow the user to update the local database without logging in. This is useful for simultaneous menu design and testing on the order entry screen.
  • (2008-07-14) Added ‘Force Database Update’ button to the ‘Database Synchronization’ toolbar
  • (2008-07-14) Added ‘Database Synchronization’ Toolbar
  • (2008-07-14) Updated numerous help file topics
  • (2008-07-14) Added the ability to clear unneeded data from selected database tables. This function is found in the Database Settings utility by clicking the ‘Clear Data’ tab
  • (2008-07-14) Updated database help file topics to include sharing folders, mapping drives in MS Windows XP and Vista, database synchronization, compacting and repairing a corrupted database
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    Positive Retail Manager 5.3.3

    PRM 5.3.3 Gold has been released, and is available in the Download Section.

    The Gold release of POSitive Retail Manager, version 5.3.3, has been release on 7/16/2008. A full install and an update install are available in the download section.

    If you are evaluating PRM for your retail business, the full install is the installation you should download. There is no time limit, only a limit on the number of records you can add (50 invoices, 50 inventory items, 50 customers).

    This release fixes several issues and adds several new features, including:

    • New Batch Conversion Options – “Place Balance Due On Customer Account”, “Convert In Stock Items Only”, “Auto-Print processed transactions”
    • New “Launch Invoice On Start” option in Employee Settings
    • Deleted Inventory Can Be Recovered – Deleted Items Manager under Inventory/Maintenance, Can Purge or Recover deleted items
    • Support for WA State Location Based Tax, Can Import WA State Taxes, PRM now supports thousands of tax rates (if necessary)
    • Simplified Purchasing Summary – When completing a PO, Summary Screen shows more information
    • “Change Due” screen appears quickly! – Now shows BEFORE printing begins
    • “Send To” button on Transaction Log – Handy for exporting to Excel
    • Speed-Up Of Inventory Browses – PRM Automatically creates optimized indexes
    • Image Dump/Image Import – Easily export all images from the SQL database, or import them
    • Additonal stability enhancements and bug fixes

    POSitive Supports WA State Destination Sales Tax

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    POSitive Software has updated versions of their popular point of sale software products to include improved support for Washington State’s new destination-based sales tax. This change in the tax law will affect all Washington retailers who make deliveries within the state.“Destination-based sales tax is major part of the national Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which has been adopted by more than 20 states”, said Wayne Heaton, V.P. of sales for POSitive Software. “POSitive Software products have always supported destination-based sales tax, but now Washington state retailers that make deliveries have to contend with hundreds of possible taxing jurisdictions.”“Washington state retailers who use POSitive products can now import current tax information right into their software”, continued Heaton. “This is going to be a tremendous timesaver when new tax files are released every quarter.”

    All current versions of POSitive Software products, POSitive Retail Manager, POSitive for Windows and AveraSell can now import the Washington state quarterly sales tax file. Other state tax files that use the same format may also be imported.

    Free Product Demo Available
    Current users of POSitive Software products and retailers who need a better solution for handling destination-based sales tax can download a free demo of our latest software at http://www.gopositive.com .

    POSitive Software Company was founded in 1993 to develop and market point-of-sale software. The Company serves customers in North America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

    Positive for Windows

    Mdtcs.com is now offering  

    Users of POSitive for


    Upgrade to
    POSitive Retail


    Here’s What You Get

    • Upgrade from Any version of PFW!

    • Set-up assistance

    • PFW to PRM data conversion

    • 6 months of technical support*

    • POSitive Commerce e-commerce web site

    • 6 months of POSitive Commerce service



    All This for


    Pos System

    Belview Technologies has released a new series slim PC system – SP4800 in vertical markets.  This new series computer replaces the company’s current SP4400 & SP4200 series slim/booksize PC systems. 

    Key features of this new computer system include:

    • Compact chassis design (14.3” x 12.2” x 3.8”)

    • Micro ATX form factor

    • Support CPU from Intel Celeron 2.0GHz to Core 2 Duo 3GHz

    • State of Art CPU cooling system

    • 4 low profile PCI slots for add-on cards

    This slim PC system was designed for POS, hospitality, self-service Kiosk, and other industrial use.  The standard configuration of this system starts from Intel Celeron 3.0GHz CPU, 512MB DDR2 RAM, and 80GB SATA Hard Drive.  Customer can choose the optional CD-ROM drive, floppy, or add-on PCI cards (in low-profile size) for their application.  As a value added solution provider, Belview will preload the operating system (Windows XP, WePOS, Windows 2000, etc.) per customer’s request. To reduce any downtime and protect your investment, the company offers optional up to 3-YEAR warranty coverage and Advanced Replacement Program to the customers.  

    For POS/hospitality customers, Belview is also offering an economical POS bundle package, including

    • SP4800 slim PC system w/ Microsoft WePOS system

    • LM1560 15” Touch screen LCD monitor

    • CD4141 cash drawer

    Belview also offers a high-end industrial computer solution in this same chassis for the mission critical applications and environments.  It is empowered by Intel 965 system chipset and along with industrial grade components.  This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for reliable industrial grade computer at more competitive price.