Positive Retail Manager 5.3.3

PRM 5.3.3 Gold has been released, and is available in the Download Section.

The Gold release of POSitive Retail Manager, version 5.3.3, has been release on 7/16/2008. A full install and an update install are available in the download section.

If you are evaluating PRM for your retail business, the full install is the installation you should download. There is no time limit, only a limit on the number of records you can add (50 invoices, 50 inventory items, 50 customers).

This release fixes several issues and adds several new features, including:

  • New Batch Conversion Options – “Place Balance Due On Customer Account”, “Convert In Stock Items Only”, “Auto-Print processed transactions”
  • New “Launch Invoice On Start” option in Employee Settings
  • Deleted Inventory Can Be Recovered – Deleted Items Manager under Inventory/Maintenance, Can Purge or Recover deleted items
  • Support for WA State Location Based Tax, Can Import WA State Taxes, PRM now supports thousands of tax rates (if necessary)
  • Simplified Purchasing Summary – When completing a PO, Summary Screen shows more information
  • “Change Due” screen appears quickly! – Now shows BEFORE printing begins
  • “Send To” button on Transaction Log – Handy for exporting to Excel
  • Speed-Up Of Inventory Browses – PRM Automatically creates optimized indexes
  • Image Dump/Image Import – Easily export all images from the SQL database, or import them
  • Additonal stability enhancements and bug fixes

POSitive Supports WA State Destination Sales Tax

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POSitive Software has updated versions of their popular point of sale software products to include improved support for Washington State’s new destination-based sales tax. This change in the tax law will affect all Washington retailers who make deliveries within the state.“Destination-based sales tax is major part of the national Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which has been adopted by more than 20 states”, said Wayne Heaton, V.P. of sales for POSitive Software. “POSitive Software products have always supported destination-based sales tax, but now Washington state retailers that make deliveries have to contend with hundreds of possible taxing jurisdictions.”“Washington state retailers who use POSitive products can now import current tax information right into their software”, continued Heaton. “This is going to be a tremendous timesaver when new tax files are released every quarter.”

All current versions of POSitive Software products, POSitive Retail Manager, POSitive for Windows and AveraSell can now import the Washington state quarterly sales tax file. Other state tax files that use the same format may also be imported.

Free Product Demo Available
Current users of POSitive Software products and retailers who need a better solution for handling destination-based sales tax can download a free demo of our latest software at http://www.gopositive.com .

POSitive Software Company was founded in 1993 to develop and market point-of-sale software. The Company serves customers in North America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

Amigo Point of Sale 2008

Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 sports two main modules, the Amigo Point Of Sale Front End and Back Office.








The front end is used for most point of sale functions including ticket entry and recall, time clock, transactions, credit card processing and cash drawer management. All features that require text or numeric entry provide and on-screen keypad or keyboard, eliminating the necessity for an external keyboard. The use of a touchscreen display eliminates the need for a mouse. Most buttons contain customizable text and are designed specifically for touchscreen use. The front end will run on any monitor capable of 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution, eliminating the need for a more expensive high resolution. In addition, many newer UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) devices are capable of running 800×600 pixel screen resolution, allowing Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 to run on many wireless handheld devices without compromising any aspect of the user interface 


This application is intended for food service and light retail environments where ease-of-use and reliability are required.


Typical users include:

Fast food restaurant
Dine-In restaurant
Food court restaurant
Night club
Bar and lounge
Corner store

The back office user interface allows each user to customize the user interface and automatically saves the user’s current settings.


Back office user interface elements

Various shortcuts are available to customize the screen layout. The shortcut bar can be configured to show large buttons for easy access to shortcut groups, or can show small icons at the bottom of the shortcut bar.Tabbed dialogs. The shortcut and dashboard can be docked or minimized by using the pushpin buttons or can be completely hidden when displaying screens that appear best when fully maximized (such as the seating chart designer).



Positive Retail Manager Bundle with Pos-x.com Hardware

Mdtcs.com to bundle the XLR50, This Premium Retail System, combines optimal functionality with speed for fast-paced retail operations. The all-in-one touchscreen computer with integrated card reader simplifies transaction processing for a high-performance, end-to-end retail solution.

POSitive Retail Manager is a sophisticated yet intuitive point-of-sale system built around Microsoft’s SQL, a robust and scalable database. SQL allows PRM to work with many popular third-party programs, such as Crystal Reports. All the familiar features of our award winning POSitive for Windows are still there, but with an improved, streamlined user interface.

PRM contains many features designed to save you time and improve your business processes, including:

Touch Screen support is built-in, including a full-features Touch Screen editor
Advanced Search rapidly finds customers and inventory rapidly when creating invoices
Category Defaults makes entering new inventory significantly faster than other POS systems
Use Store Divisions to further refine your sales reports (for example, you might have a Retail Division and a Landscaping Division)
Data can be exported to a variety formats
Clerks can be trained within minutes to ring up an invoice and take tender
System configuration includes:

Positive Retail Manager
15″ All-in-one LCD Touchscreen Computer
Heavy Duty Cash Drawer with Stainless Steel Face
Thermal Receipt Printer
Xi3000 Barcode Scanner
Customer Pole Display
All Cables, Keyboard & Mouse
1 Year Warranty

Amigo Pos Software V5

Advantage Retail System has finally released their long awaited new Amigo Pos software Version 5.The new features includes: 

  • Add customer info to ticket at any time
  • Advanced customer management and tracking
  • Back office management on all terminals
  • Bulk settle or check-in driver trip tickets
  • Bulk settle or check-in server bank tickets
  • Bulletproof Microsoft SQL database technology
  • Centralized image storage and management in SQL database
  • Comprehensive system security based on user job type
  • Conveniently reopen settled tickets for transaction adjustments, refunds or voids
  • Currency presets for one-touch cash-out
  • Customizable signature slips for credit card transactions
  • Customize order types based on menu or customer
  • Default menu type per order type
  • Delivery trip tickets show total number of items per order
  • Easily change table on order entry screen
  • Easy menu item editing in Back Office
  • Exclude menu items from certain order types
  • Exclusive & required modifiers
  • Force user to clock in before shift
  • Force user to settle or transfer all tickets before clock-out
  • Full support for Canadian GST, PST & Ontario tax rates (minimum $4 total for GST)
  • Full support for ESC/POS and Star Line impact printers (remote print)
  • Full support for ESC/POS and Star Line thermal receipt printers (customer receipt or remote print)
  • Graphical Logic Controls kitchen display interface (Jan 2008)
  • Graphical reservations system (Jan 2008)
  • Highly customizable remote tickets include the ability to print customer information
  • Highly customizable user interface
  • Integrated full-size and mini reports
  • Integrated interface to PCCharge Payment Server
  • Integrated Intuit Quickbooks accounting interface (Jan 2008)
  • Mandatory gratuity for per order type
  • MS Windows Vista compaible
  • Multi-line caller-id interface
  • Multiple addresses & phone numbers per customer
  • Multiple cash drawers per terminal
  • One touch change order type on order entry screen
  • Optional ticket printing
  • Perform all administrative tasks at any terminal
  • Print modifiers and or menu items in red
  • Proven Reliability
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Reset one or multiple drawers per terminal simultaneously
  • Share receipt printers among multiple terminals
  • Simple one-touch end-of-day procedure
  • Special pricing for customer loyalty card program
  • Split and print tickets based on guest or amount
  • Stand-alone back office installation with integrated login screen
  • Support for multiple phone number area codes
  • Suppress zero-cost modifiers on tickets
  • System-wide server and driver banking
  • Tax-exempt customer presets
  • Time and Attendance / Labor Scheduling
  • Track bank check number and gift certificate number at tender
  • Unlimited cash Payout reasons
  • Unlimited customizable order types (dine-in, retail, etc)
  • Unlimited Deleted Item reasons
  • Unlimited Job Types
  • Unlimited pizza size to pizza ingredient mapping with multiple price levels
  • Unlimited pizza size to pizza style mapping with multiple price levels
  • Unlimited transaction types with correspoding reporting
  • Unlimited Void reasons
  • VAT tax capable

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Free Pos Software

freepos_ad.png    That’s righ! You can get a copy of our 5-star rated point of sale software, ABSOLUTELY FREE

AveraSell* free point of sale software is packed full of features designed to automate the operation of your retail store:

  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Built-in credit card processing through AveraCharge! (Requires merchant account.)
  • Age Verification feature prompts you to enter birthday in order to verify age before selling restricted items.
  • Register screen with touch screen support designed for quick cash sales
  • Gift Certificate Manager for easy control over your Gift Certificates
  • Coupon Manager for controlling dollars off and percentages off rebates
  • Improved Inventory tracking and logging
  • Purchase Order receiving, including new fields for unit type and weight
  • User Defined Fields let you have additional information for customers and inventory
  • Support for direct reading of portable scanners, for use in creating purchase orders, layaways, orders, and invoices
  • Improved Template support, with automatic updating of prices when a Template item is changed
  • AveraSell is hardware friendly and supports many popular receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and etc.
  • Dozens of new settings helps you customize AveraSell to work the way you do

*Note: AveraSell free POS software is designed for use on only one computer. Technical support is not included and there will be a charge for us to provide this service.

Positive for Windows

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Here’s What You Get

  • Upgrade from Any version of PFW!

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  • PFW to PRM data conversion

  • 6 months of technical support*

  • POSitive Commerce e-commerce web site

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