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Remote Video Display

The Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 to  release Remote Video Display Interface in July 2008 as a free update. This application runs on any standard or mini PC running .Net 3.5, including MS Windows XP and Vista. A programmable keyboard (bump bar) is recommended, although a touch screen will work as well. In addition, this application will resize itself to any screen resolution, allowing the use of large monitors mounted out of reach but still easily readable.

The display can run in ticket mode or list mode. When running in ticket mode, up to 12 tickets can be viewed at one time. In list mode, each menu item is displayed on a single line; useful for drive through environments.



Remote Video Display

Remote Video Display


POSitive Supports WA State Destination Sales Tax

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POSitive Software has updated versions of their popular point of sale software products to include improved support for Washington State’s new destination-based sales tax. This change in the tax law will affect all Washington retailers who make deliveries within the state.“Destination-based sales tax is major part of the national Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which has been adopted by more than 20 states”, said Wayne Heaton, V.P. of sales for POSitive Software. “POSitive Software products have always supported destination-based sales tax, but now Washington state retailers that make deliveries have to contend with hundreds of possible taxing jurisdictions.”“Washington state retailers who use POSitive products can now import current tax information right into their software”, continued Heaton. “This is going to be a tremendous timesaver when new tax files are released every quarter.”

All current versions of POSitive Software products, POSitive Retail Manager, POSitive for Windows and AveraSell can now import the Washington state quarterly sales tax file. Other state tax files that use the same format may also be imported.

Free Product Demo Available
Current users of POSitive Software products and retailers who need a better solution for handling destination-based sales tax can download a free demo of our latest software at .

POSitive Software Company was founded in 1993 to develop and market point-of-sale software. The Company serves customers in North America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

Positive-for-windows Basic for Free

pfw4logosmall.gif      PFW Basic Edition… Free! is now offering Positive for windows basic edition  for free.  How about getting a  free POS software? We’ve brought back POSitive for Windows Basic Edition, Single User for just that purpose. All customers that  apply for an AveraCharge account will get PFW Basic Single User at no cost.

Positive for windows basic edition also works with  POSitive Commerce. It’s a “no brainer”! You get a great basic POS software for FREE and plus  credit card processing, e-commerce!

So, what’s the catch? Well, we’re only giving away PFW Basic Single User. You’re also not getting the following:

  • No free support
  • No CD or manual. PFW is available for downloading .
  • No discount for upgrading to PFW Pro or PRM.

Amigo Pos Retail Sales Module

Convenience stores, grocery stores and other high volume retail outlets can now leverage the power of Amigo POS. Until now, c-store operators have had to combine disparate POS applications to handle retail sales and restaurant sales. Amigo POS allows you to maintain the familiar user interface while offering an integrated retail module that is second to none.


  • integrated support for NCI register scales for single-touch bulk item and produce sales.
  • integrated support for CAS deli scales for easy scanning of barcoded deli items.
  • two single-touch lists are available for popular items without barcodes; i.e. coffee and donuts.
  • optional interface to your Micros® compatible property management system – charge gift shop sales, counter sales and restaurant sales to a guest folio with ease.
  • optional 8000+ item retail database including unit/item/case SKU and tax type. This will cover virtually any item found in most small grocery stores, c-stores, gas stations, etc. Eliminates the need to enter your items individually during the program setup and will save literally hundreds of hours in data entry.
  • bulk items can be sold by weight or unit. Check out the bulk item screen for the most intuitive produce entry screen available.
  • easily scan retail items onto the restaurant order-entry screen for mixed food – retail tickets
  • automatic age verification pop-ups for cigarettes and beer sales
  • real-time inventory tracking
  • integrated reporting allows viewing itemized retail and restaurant sales on the same report.
  • much, much more!
  • Amigo Pos Software

    With built-in modules for your restaurant, bar, pizzeria, nightclub, tavern, and quick service franchise, as well as retail store, c-store, and grocery store you can customize Amigo Point Of Sale to suit your business. Also included: unlimited-line caller ID capability, time clock, 2 second IP-based credit card processing using your existing merchant account and PCCharge, graphical pizza order entry, bar and nightclub module, split checks, reservations, and dual cash drawer capable. Use your own logo for the branded look. It supports IP credit card processing with PCCharge Payment Server, unlimited bar tabs, and redesigned quick pay screen for fast food and nightclubs.
    Version 4.11 includes additional back office reports and credit card processing enhancements.
    Amigo Pos has an Integrated QuickBooks Interface.
    Easy to Use, Highly Intuitive graphical interface.
    Designed specifically for Restaurants, Bars, Pizzerias, and Cafes.
    Integrated Time Clock and Gift card Modules with each license

    Amigo Pos are used in

    • Hospitality

    • Pizzeria

    • Table Service

    • Quick Service

    • Fine Dining

    • Retail

    Booksize PC for Pos Application


    SP4200 – Booksize PC

    Empowered by Intel Pentium 4 processor and optional TCPA Security ASIC on board, this new commercial level desktop system is specially designed for POS, Kiosk, Industrial PC, or other vertical applications

    Supports Socket 478 processors

    Intel P4 (Northwood) 2.5 GHz to 3.20 GHz and above
    •  Intel P4 ( Prescott ) 3.40 GHz
    •  Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz to 2.40 GHz
    Chipset VIA CLE266 + VT8235
    Memory DDR 400/333/266 – PC 2100/2700 184-pin DDR DIMM x 2 up to 2GB
    Video Embedded in Springdale-G
    Audio AC’97 CODEC onboard (VIA ALC202A Codec)
    Onboard LAN Broadcom 4401 (10/100 Mb) ready for gigabyte LAN 5705 
    System BIOS Award BIOS 4Mb Flash ROM
    Form Factor Flex ATX
    Storage Device
    •  1.44MB Slim Floppy Drive
    •  Slim CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or CD-RW
    •  Standard IDE Hard Drive
    PCI Expansion Slot
    •  1x standard
    •  1x low profile PCI bracket slot on PCI riser card
    Standard Front Panel I/O Connectors
    •  Power, HDD, Suspend LED
    •  Power Switch
    •  2x USB Ports 2.0
    •  1x Mic-in
    •  1x Headphone
    Standard Back Panel I/O Connectors
    •  4x USB ports 2.0
    •  1x LAN connector (RJ45)
    •  1x PS/2 mouse port
    •  1x PS/2 keyboard port
    •  1x parallel port
    •  1x VGA port
    •  2x serial ports
    •  Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in
    •  AC power connector (AC-in) on PSU
    Power Supply Flex ATX 150W with PFC
    Weight (lbs) Net 12.0
    Gross 14.0
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 11.8 x 3.1 x 11.0
    Limited Warranty 1-Year
    Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Pos Software

    There was a time in the not so distance past when the only thing that happened at the Point of Sale (POS), was an exchange of cash. Today, thanks to software specifically designed for point of sale  applications, a wide variety of tasks can be performed. The POS is now a place where an establishment’s commitment to customer service is confirmed. Information is exchanged with the customer via Customer Pole Devices. Sales data is recorded, and inventory reports can be generated, and inventory levels adjusted. The almost universal use of bar codes and scanning devices at the POS enables retailers to accurately track virtually every type of sales information. It is possible to program POS software to receive a scan, add the price to the running total of the order, display the item and the price for both customer information and security verification. The process does not need to end there. The purchased item can be subtracted from an inventory level. A pre-set level could trigger an automatic reorder. A detailed sales report can even be generated.     POS software does not represent the cost investment of hardware, and yet it is the software that provides the flexibility to stay on the cutting edge of customer service and satisfaction. The Point of Sale location has now expanded its function from simply cash exchange to be the heart of the accounting, inventory control and sales departments. It also serves as a customer service station. It is the wide variety of POS software and hardware like cash drawer, pole display, scanners, computers, that makes it all work.