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Gun Software

Aimi gun software was designed for the gun shop owner in mind, It includes everything that a gun shop requires for firearms sales and need to operate their businesses.

These features are included with no additional costs.

e-4473 built-in (electronic form 4473).

FBI-NICS Instant Check With Only A Click Of A Button.

Muli-Sales form built-in.

NFA-Forms 1,2,3,4,5,6,6A,6I,6II,9,10,11 built-in.

eTransfer – Dealer to Dealer network.

Biometrics Features.

Never Lose Your Inventory With Our back-up System.

Keeps 3 FFL Boundbook in a single environment.

Print Bar Codes.

Print Customer Mailing labels.

Network on multi-computers.

Lost/Stolen form built-in.

List to online Auctions in seconds.

Destroyed firearms report built-in

Safe back-up system.

Restore Database in seconds.

Assign access rights.

Assign Users.

Print Reports.

Export Database.

Serve up to 10 computers.

Manage all functions remotely.

Update/change inventory.

Built-in SMART Technology for workstation.

Track all transactions.

Built on a large business Database.

Fast Invoicing with an interface that’s easy to learn and use.

Handle Layaways and Special Orders with one button conversion to Invoices.

Real-time inventory stock tracking, with the ability to track backorders.

Automatically create an Order List based on minimum stock levels.

Assign Promotional Pricing to inventory by date, grouped by Department, Category, or Item.

Assign unlimited multiple vendors per item, track different costs per vendor.

Supports multiple SKUs per item.

Customize stock tracking with User Defined Fields.

Integrated Accounting with Checkbook, GL Journal, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Track Customer Purchases, Pending Work, Special Orders.

E-mail Marketing allows you to create targeted e-mail lists based on products sold or other criteria.

Employee management with Security Lockouts and time card reporting.

Flexible payment methods, including Cash, Checks, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Gift Cards, Accounts Receivable.

Full cycle Purchase Order generation and receiving.

Hundreds of built in reports, including Profit reports, Price Lists, and Sales tax.

Security Camera Interface (Optional) with transaction detail overlay.

Full Service and repair tracking for firearms or other service items.

Track Returns to Vendors with complete RMA tracking.

Integrated Label Designer for printing inventory labels and shelf tags

Customize 40 column or full page receipts with built-in forms editor.

E-mail purchase orders or invoices using built-in HTML e-mail.

E-commerce-run your website through your eStore Application in real time.

This is the most advanced gun software for FFL Dealers and gun shop owners that includes an integrated, ATF approved, compliance solution that handles all required forms electronically. Coloseum Software has been in the forefront when it comes to gun software.


Aimi eBook (gun inventory software)

AIMI eBOOK is an advanced firearms inventory software solution. FBI-NICS instant check with only a click of a button. Picture inventory of firearms. Electronic signatures. Find any firearm in seconds. Built-in video tutorials. Never lose your inventory with our back-up system. 4473 built in. Print bar codes. Print customer mailing labels. List to online auctions is seconds.

Aimi eBook gun inventory software will replace your manual BOUND BOOK inventory system with the most state of the art software. e-form 4473 built in(electronic form 4473). The first Paperless e-4473.

The Advanced Inventory Management Intelligence (AIMI) is the most powerful software ever designed by Coloseum Software. Linked directly to NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) our software delivers accurate and high-speed performance that is essential for every FFL dealer.

This is the most user friendly software available, with  help included! Gun software for gun owners, collectors, dealers, etc.  Great for all Gun lovers.

AIMI eBOOK runs in – Windows 2000/XP and VISTA. Built on a powerful database platform, you can use AIMI for BATF Bound Book Tracking and Inventory Management System without loss of data. Because you are linked to NICS you can confirm each sale and customer instantly and cuts your processing time by 87% ( from 27 minutes to 8 minutes)

Features :

  • FBI-NICS Instant Check With Only A Click Of A Button.
  • Picture Inventory Of Firearms.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Find Any Firearm In Seconds.
  • Easy To Use.
  • How To Use Lessons Built It.
  • Never Lose Your Inventory With Our back-up System.
  • 4473 Built in.
  • Print Bar Codes.
  • Print Customer Mailing labels.
  • Network on multi-computers.
  • Free Tech Support (online only for AIMI eBOOK Lite).
  • List to online Auctions is seconds.
  • And Much, Much More!

Aimi eStore Pos Software

Aimi eStore is an integrated pos software with coloseum software Aimi eBook.

AIMI eBOOK is an advanced firearms inventory software solution. FBI-NICS instant check with only a click of a button. Picture inventory of firearms. Electronic signatures. Find any firearm in seconds. Built-in video tutorials. Never lose your inventory with our back-up system. 4473 built in. Print bar codes. Print customer mailing labels. List to online auctions is seconds.

Aimi eBook Lite has all the same functions of the PRO version. The Lite version is designed for a single computer store. This version is not designed for a mutli-computers store. You can upgrade in the future. Show the Government you are a serious firearms business with the most advanced software on the market. Change the way you do business today.

Positive Prm SE

Positive Software company has released a new version of their popular pos software, Designed specifically for independent, single-store retailers, POSitive Retail Manager SE streamlines inventory management and reporting, automates transactions and easily tracks customer information and sales history. POSitive Retail Manager SE is also e-commerce ready, so you can run your “brick and mortar” and web stores with the same program. POSitive Retail Manager SE integrates with QuickBooks, so your accounting software is updated automatically. You can also import and export your inventory and customer information with programs like Excel, saving you hours of typing entries by hand.

PRM SE is built with Microsoft SQL, a robust and scalable database engine that will easily grow with your business. MS SQL also allows PRM SE to work with many popular third-party programs, such as Crystal Reports.

PRM SE offers many “best in class” features you simply won’t find in competing products:

PRM SE Features and Benefits

Automatically track inventory



PRM SE adjusts your inventory figures every time you receive stock, make a sale or process a return. Improve your cash flow by purchasing the items your customers want. Look up inventory quickly by SKU, department, category, description and even add your own options.
An inventory matrix allows you sell items in different
size/color combinations.

Instantly see your sales totals



Check sales by any day, employee, customer or item. Schedule your staff efficiently based on hourly sales averages.

Process credit and debit cards automatically



Open up a free merchant account with AveraCharge and you can process credit and debit cards right through PRM SE.

Sell gift cards



Bring new and repeat customers into your store with gift cards. PRM SE will let you sell, redeem and reload gift cards with any value you choose.

Accounts Receivable



Set up customer charge accounts and print monthly statements. Issue and track store credit rather than give cash for customer returns.


Improve customer service



See your customer’s history at the time of sale and suggest additional products or services that may be of interest to them. Maintain customer contact with the built-in e-mail marketing manager.

Check on your store from anywhere



PRM SE will let you check on your store from any computer with a web browser. View up to the minute sales data and other reports. Look up customers, inventory, vendors, invoices and employees.

Save time with portable data collectors



Use a handheld data collector to create invoices, purchase orders or to update stock counts.

Tax calculations are a snap



PRM SE easily handles multiple sales tax rates, including delivery based sales tax and GST.

Touch screen the way you want it 

A fully customizable touch screen lets you design a layout that is easy for employees to use and controls their access to program features.

Pos Software

Pos Software

Keep an eye on your bottom line



PRM SE can send detailed transaction information to selected video surveillance systems, giving you a more effective tool for combating employee theft and shrinkage.

Amigo Point of Sale 2008

Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 sports two main modules, the Amigo Point Of Sale Front End and Back Office.








The front end is used for most point of sale functions including ticket entry and recall, time clock, transactions, credit card processing and cash drawer management. All features that require text or numeric entry provide and on-screen keypad or keyboard, eliminating the necessity for an external keyboard. The use of a touchscreen display eliminates the need for a mouse. Most buttons contain customizable text and are designed specifically for touchscreen use. The front end will run on any monitor capable of 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution, eliminating the need for a more expensive high resolution. In addition, many newer UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) devices are capable of running 800×600 pixel screen resolution, allowing Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 to run on many wireless handheld devices without compromising any aspect of the user interface 


This application is intended for food service and light retail environments where ease-of-use and reliability are required.


Typical users include:

Fast food restaurant
Dine-In restaurant
Food court restaurant
Night club
Bar and lounge
Corner store

The back office user interface allows each user to customize the user interface and automatically saves the user’s current settings.


Back office user interface elements

Various shortcuts are available to customize the screen layout. The shortcut bar can be configured to show large buttons for easy access to shortcut groups, or can show small icons at the bottom of the shortcut bar.Tabbed dialogs. The shortcut and dashboard can be docked or minimized by using the pushpin buttons or can be completely hidden when displaying screens that appear best when fully maximized (such as the seating chart designer).



Amigo Pos Software V5

Advantage Retail System has finally released their long awaited new Amigo Pos software Version 5.The new features includes: 

  • Add customer info to ticket at any time
  • Advanced customer management and tracking
  • Back office management on all terminals
  • Bulk settle or check-in driver trip tickets
  • Bulk settle or check-in server bank tickets
  • Bulletproof Microsoft SQL database technology
  • Centralized image storage and management in SQL database
  • Comprehensive system security based on user job type
  • Conveniently reopen settled tickets for transaction adjustments, refunds or voids
  • Currency presets for one-touch cash-out
  • Customizable signature slips for credit card transactions
  • Customize order types based on menu or customer
  • Default menu type per order type
  • Delivery trip tickets show total number of items per order
  • Easily change table on order entry screen
  • Easy menu item editing in Back Office
  • Exclude menu items from certain order types
  • Exclusive & required modifiers
  • Force user to clock in before shift
  • Force user to settle or transfer all tickets before clock-out
  • Full support for Canadian GST, PST & Ontario tax rates (minimum $4 total for GST)
  • Full support for ESC/POS and Star Line impact printers (remote print)
  • Full support for ESC/POS and Star Line thermal receipt printers (customer receipt or remote print)
  • Graphical Logic Controls kitchen display interface (Jan 2008)
  • Graphical reservations system (Jan 2008)
  • Highly customizable remote tickets include the ability to print customer information
  • Highly customizable user interface
  • Integrated full-size and mini reports
  • Integrated interface to PCCharge Payment Server
  • Integrated Intuit Quickbooks accounting interface (Jan 2008)
  • Mandatory gratuity for per order type
  • MS Windows Vista compaible
  • Multi-line caller-id interface
  • Multiple addresses & phone numbers per customer
  • Multiple cash drawers per terminal
  • One touch change order type on order entry screen
  • Optional ticket printing
  • Perform all administrative tasks at any terminal
  • Print modifiers and or menu items in red
  • Proven Reliability
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Reset one or multiple drawers per terminal simultaneously
  • Share receipt printers among multiple terminals
  • Simple one-touch end-of-day procedure
  • Special pricing for customer loyalty card program
  • Split and print tickets based on guest or amount
  • Stand-alone back office installation with integrated login screen
  • Support for multiple phone number area codes
  • Suppress zero-cost modifiers on tickets
  • System-wide server and driver banking
  • Tax-exempt customer presets
  • Time and Attendance / Labor Scheduling
  • Track bank check number and gift certificate number at tender
  • Unlimited cash Payout reasons
  • Unlimited customizable order types (dine-in, retail, etc)
  • Unlimited Deleted Item reasons
  • Unlimited Job Types
  • Unlimited pizza size to pizza ingredient mapping with multiple price levels
  • Unlimited pizza size to pizza style mapping with multiple price levels
  • Unlimited transaction types with correspoding reporting
  • Unlimited Void reasons
  • VAT tax capable

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Positive Retail Manager Multi-Store / Location

Positive Retail Manager multi-store is available now. PRM is designed for the general retail environment and is built around a SQL database engine. An impressive list of features allow you do everything from making sales to printing barcoded price labels. PRM is loaded with reports for inventory, sales, profit, taxes, customers and employees. PRM is also e-commerce ready!