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Sentry GV-MultiCam System version 8.1 software

Sentry Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the GV-MultiCam System version 8.1 software and the GV-Video Server. You can find more information below on both of these products, although, if you have any questions or would like more information on any of the products or services.


  • Higher resolutions for widescreen monitors

  • Password expiration management

  • Supports integration of the new GV-Video Server

  • Applications for visual automation, virtual I/O control, POS live view via WebCam and mobile server support for Webcam.


Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) consist of three main types:

  • PC based Digital Video Recorders are complete hardware/software computer-based systems incorporating video capture, video multiplexing, video (and optionally, audio) recording and playback, video display and remote video access via modem, Internet and/or LAN.
  • Embedded DVRs do not use a Windows™ operating system and contain no software at all on the hard disk(s). All application functions are contained (embedded) in firmware (software encoded on chips).
  • Mobile DVRs are embedded systems meant specifically for use in vehicles. They incorporate anti-shock and anti-vibration mountings and generally have 12V DC power inputs.

Up to a short time ago, PC based systems provided better functions and features for a lower dollar. Recent advancements in technology, however, have allowed us to create and offer a line of embedded DVR systems, the LE Series, that provides all the major functions that most DVR users are looking for – multi security cameras, high quality video, excellent compression, fast viewing and recording speeds, motion detection based recording, scheduled recording and fast remote access of quality live and recorded video. In addition, Sentry embedded DVRs can easily be upgraded to accept from 4 to 8 to 12 CCTV security cameras. And at highly competitive prices!!

Sentry SMD systems are state-of-the-art mobile DVRs with the features of our embedded and PC based DVRs but also with additional features such as vehicle status recording on video (vehicle speed, braking, turn indication etc). Video can be backed up to CD or Hard Disk, accessed and downloaded over a LAN or the Hard Disk can be swapped for another.

Sentry PC based DVRs are not simply a collection of computer hardware, however – they represent carefully selected hardware and software components which are proven to work well together in the demanding video processing environment. Software, hardware and firmware settings are carefully optimized to ensure maximum performance without problems. Sentry PC based DVRs can support multiple numbers of CCTV security cameras – from 4 to 16.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. manufactures all its own PC and Embedded DVRs using Sentry H Series and GV video capture boards for PC based systems. Each DVR is complete except for the monitor.

All Sentry PC based DVRs include Watchdog technology for operating system monitoring and system auto-rebooting if an error is detected. All our PC based DVRs include a partitioned hard disk with all software loaded into a small “C” partition and a large “D” partition for video recording. A bootable recovery CD is provided for the “C” partition using system restore software so in the event of any software corruption, the “C” drive can be recreated in it’s original condition without affecting any recorded video on the “D” drive.

Microsoft Windows™ XP is provided as the operating system on Sentry PC based DVRs. In addition, system restore software is also included on all systems. All software provided includes original CDs and manuals.

Sentry H Series DVRs

Six models of Sentry H Series DVRs are offered ranging from 4 camera 30fps security systems to 16 camera 120fps security systems. For higher speed H Series DVRs, please click here. All Sentry H Series DVRs have the same software and have the same excellent remote communication capabilities. The six models of DVRs are:

Sentry H30/04 4 camera 30fps system, upgradeable to 8 camera 60fps and 12 camera 90fps
Sentry H60/08 8 camera 60fps system, upgradeable to 12 camera 90fps
Sentry H90/12 12 camera 90fps system, upgradeable to 16 camera 120fps
Sentry H120/04 4 camera 120fps system, upgradeable to 8 camera 240fps
Sentry H120/08 8 camera 120fps system, upgradeable to 16 camera 240fps
Sentry H120/16 16 camera 120fps system

All Sentry DVRs have a partitioned hard drive with software loaded in a small partition. The balance of the disk is used for recording. A bootable recovery disk is made of the software partition and supplied with all security systems. The recovery CD can be used to re-install the total software environment, if necessary, without affecting any recorded video.

System restore software is included for software recovery. Original CDs and manuals of included software are provided.

All systems are warranted for 1 year for parts and labor and 1 years’ toll free telephone support is provided.