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Amigo Point of Sale 2008

Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 sports two main modules, the Amigo Point Of Sale Front End and Back Office.








The front end is used for most point of sale functions including ticket entry and recall, time clock, transactions, credit card processing and cash drawer management. All features that require text or numeric entry provide and on-screen keypad or keyboard, eliminating the necessity for an external keyboard. The use of a touchscreen display eliminates the need for a mouse. Most buttons contain customizable text and are designed specifically for touchscreen use. The front end will run on any monitor capable of 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution, eliminating the need for a more expensive high resolution. In addition, many newer UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) devices are capable of running 800×600 pixel screen resolution, allowing Amigo Point Of Sale 2008 to run on many wireless handheld devices without compromising any aspect of the user interface 


This application is intended for food service and light retail environments where ease-of-use and reliability are required.


Typical users include:

Fast food restaurant
Dine-In restaurant
Food court restaurant
Night club
Bar and lounge
Corner store

The back office user interface allows each user to customize the user interface and automatically saves the user’s current settings.


Back office user interface elements

Various shortcuts are available to customize the screen layout. The shortcut bar can be configured to show large buttons for easy access to shortcut groups, or can show small icons at the bottom of the shortcut bar.Tabbed dialogs. The shortcut and dashboard can be docked or minimized by using the pushpin buttons or can be completely hidden when displaying screens that appear best when fully maximized (such as the seating chart designer).




Pos System

Belview Technologies has released a new series slim PC system – SP4800 in vertical markets.  This new series computer replaces the company’s current SP4400 & SP4200 series slim/booksize PC systems. 

Key features of this new computer system include:

  • Compact chassis design (14.3” x 12.2” x 3.8”)

  • Micro ATX form factor

  • Support CPU from Intel Celeron 2.0GHz to Core 2 Duo 3GHz

  • State of Art CPU cooling system

  • 4 low profile PCI slots for add-on cards

This slim PC system was designed for POS, hospitality, self-service Kiosk, and other industrial use.  The standard configuration of this system starts from Intel Celeron 3.0GHz CPU, 512MB DDR2 RAM, and 80GB SATA Hard Drive.  Customer can choose the optional CD-ROM drive, floppy, or add-on PCI cards (in low-profile size) for their application.  As a value added solution provider, Belview will preload the operating system (Windows XP, WePOS, Windows 2000, etc.) per customer’s request. To reduce any downtime and protect your investment, the company offers optional up to 3-YEAR warranty coverage and Advanced Replacement Program to the customers.  

For POS/hospitality customers, Belview is also offering an economical POS bundle package, including

  • SP4800 slim PC system w/ Microsoft WePOS system

  • LM1560 15” Touch screen LCD monitor

  • CD4141 cash drawer

Belview also offers a high-end industrial computer solution in this same chassis for the mission critical applications and environments.  It is empowered by Intel 965 system chipset and along with industrial grade components.  This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for reliable industrial grade computer at more competitive price. 

POS BUNDLES From Belview

New POS Bundles from Belview

Bundle #1
  • PP8300  12” Touch POS system
    • 12” LCD with resistive touch screen
    • Intel Celeron 850MHz CPU
    • 128MB RAM
    • 20GB hard drive
    • Built-in card reader
    • Adjustable stand
  • Epson TM88-III thermal receipt printer
  • MS-C405 Cash Drawer

Bundle #2
  • PROMAC PP6500  15” All-In-One Panel PC
    • 15” LCD with resistive touch screen
    • Intel Celeron 850Mhz CPU
    • 256MB RAM
    • 40GB hard drive
    • Attachable card reader
  • Epson TM88-III thermal receipt printer
  • MS-C405 cash drawer

Bundle #3
  • PROMAC LM1560 15” touch LCD monitor
  • SP4200 Booksize PC system
    • Intel Celeron 2.4GHz CPU
    • 256MB RAM
    • 40GB hard drive
  • Epson TM88-III thermal receipt printer
  • MS-C405 cash drawer

Bundle #4
  • PROMAC PP6529   15” All-In-One metal Panel PC
    • 15” LCD with resistive touch screen
    • Fan-less VIA EPGA 700MHz CPU
    • 256MB RAM
    • 40GB hard drive
  • Epson TM88-III thermal receipt printer
  • MS-C405 cash drawer
  • Pole display (20×2 characters)

Cash Register


Every retail business has a cash register that is important as it helps in the handling of cash transactions and other transactions. The first types of cash registers functioned like totaling machines and calculators. These calculators produced a ring every time a totaling was done. The safety device in these cash registers was that the cash drawer could be opened only on the recording of a sale or with a key that was usually with the shop owner.


The modern day cash registers are more advanced and include bar code scanners, cash drawer, pole display, receipt printer, computer, monitor. Bar codes are used to retrieve the prices of goods from a central database. Cash register software are generally connected to computer so that cash transactions are recorded and tax, calculated automatically. There are other functions of a cash register that includes the recording of sales, calculations of discounts and control of the inventory, accounting, reports, etc.


The cash register of today is usually a part of a complete point of sale or POS system. It is with the help of a POS system that, accounts and business transactions of a business is calculated. The main reason that a cash register has is very important to maintain information that the business needs to remain competitive,  petty cash for business transactions, return as change to customers, maintain customer accounts..



The other use of a cash register lies in calculating the amount of money spent, and received in a business day. The cash register also helps in reconciling receipts and in the balancing of the cash drawer. With the balancing of the cash drawer, you can tell if you have made a profit or loss in a day of business.


Today, you can find many cash registers under the price range of $1200. You may think that these low priced cash registers offer low prices, with low functionality. However,  they are as efficient as the higher priced cash registers

POS Solution

Quick Service
Plexis POS is designed for the Fast food, quick serve Liquor stores operators,Remote or Kitchen Printer
Kitchen Video Display (KDS) Caller ID (Multi-Line).

MS cash register

I tested one of these Ms cash drawer J-84 samrt series today, for a customter, quality was very good and support was great when I call to get the cash drawer codes for positive for windows software.