Aimi eBook (gun inventory software)

AIMI eBOOK is an advanced firearms inventory software solution. FBI-NICS instant check with only a click of a button. Picture inventory of firearms. Electronic signatures. Find any firearm in seconds. Built-in video tutorials. Never lose your inventory with our back-up system. 4473 built in. Print bar codes. Print customer mailing labels. List to online auctions is seconds.

Aimi eBook gun inventory software will replace your manual BOUND BOOK inventory system with the most state of the art software. e-form 4473 built in(electronic form 4473). The first Paperless e-4473.

The Advanced Inventory Management Intelligence (AIMI) is the most powerful software ever designed by Coloseum Software. Linked directly to NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) our software delivers accurate and high-speed performance that is essential for every FFL dealer.

This is the most user friendly software available, with  help included! Gun software for gun owners, collectors, dealers, etc.  Great for all Gun lovers.

AIMI eBOOK runs in – Windows 2000/XP and VISTA. Built on a powerful database platform, you can use AIMI for BATF Bound Book Tracking and Inventory Management System without loss of data. Because you are linked to NICS you can confirm each sale and customer instantly and cuts your processing time by 87% ( from 27 minutes to 8 minutes)

Features :

  • FBI-NICS Instant Check With Only A Click Of A Button.
  • Picture Inventory Of Firearms.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Find Any Firearm In Seconds.
  • Easy To Use.
  • How To Use Lessons Built It.
  • Never Lose Your Inventory With Our back-up System.
  • 4473 Built in.
  • Print Bar Codes.
  • Print Customer Mailing labels.
  • Network on multi-computers.
  • Free Tech Support (online only for AIMI eBOOK Lite).
  • List to online Auctions is seconds.
  • And Much, Much More!

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