Elo New 17″ LCD Family of Integrated Touchmonitors

The 1729L offers more field-installable options for applications in POS markets

The new Elo TouchSystems 1729L 17″ LCD integrated multifunction touchmonitor from Tyco Electronics offers even more field-installable options than previous members of its family. The 1729L was developed to provide a versatile interface for applications in retail POS markets such as department stores, convenience stores, hospitality and fast food service.

Customer Configurable

Following on the success of the 1229L 12″ and 1529L 15″ LCD multifunction touchmonitors, the new 1729L 17″ can be configured by the customer in the field to include three options from a choice of: Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR); vacuum fluorescent, rear-facing LED customer display; biometric fingerprint recognition device; and speaker bar with/without a built-in single or omni-directional barcode scanner. The 1729L is available in beige or gray with a removable, adjustable height stand.

Bright and Attractive

The new Elo 1729L 17″ LCD integrated multifunction touchmonitor is an attractive solution for POS applications. Its 1280 x 1024 resolution with a 5 x 4 ratio displays clear, precise graphics and a contrast ration of 800:1, together with a typical LCD panel brightness of 300 nits, provides bright, high contrast for improved readability. Its optional peripherals are seamlessly integrated into the 1729L’s compact design and offer a choice of desktop, wall or VESA mounting. Fewer cables and power bricks make installation and configuration of the touchmonitor easy.

A Choice of Options

“Optional peripherals for the new 1729L touchmonitor offer a range of flexible choices for POS solutions,” explains Elo TouchSystems Product Manager, Jim Witkowski. “The three-track MSR is the perfect choice for applications that require the use of credit cards, ID cards and loyalty cards. The biometric recognition device supplies security for employee-log-in and all types of system access. The speaker bar contours seamlessly onto the bottom of the monitor. The rear-facing display allows customers to verify transactions. Transactions can be further sped up with the single or omni-directional barcode reader conveniently embedded in the speaker bar. In addition,” says Witkowski, “these same options can be configured for use in medical and light industrial applications.”

Designed for Public Use

The 1729L has specific features for public use. These features include controls placed on the side of the monitor and not on the front; a lockout function; an adjustable tilt base; an internal USB hub for minimal connections; diagnostic LEDs for touch; multilingual on-screen display (OSD); and the guarantee of a long-lasting product life cycle and a single point of contact for service and support.

Designed for Touch

“The new 1729L provides a convenient, space-saving design that makes deploying touch solutions to market easier, more flexible and more reliable,” says Witkowski. “And like all our touchmonitors,” he adds, “the Elo 1729L is designed for touch from the ground up and not added on as a second thought.”

Flexible Options and Technologies

The 1729L is currently available with a choice of Elo touch technologies: AccuTouch five-wire resistive technology can be activated with fingernails, gloves, credit cards or any stylus; IntelliTouch surface wave technology is a pure glass touchscreen to provide the ultimate in optics and can be activated with fingers or gloves. “In the near future we will, of course, be adding CarrollTouch infrared technology, that provides clear and precise optics and can also be activated with fingers, gloves and credit cards and Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), our latest breakthrough technology that offers both palm rejection and a pure glass touchscreen that supplies the ultimate in optics. All of our technologies are fast, stable and drift-free,” Witkowski confirms, “and the touchscreens are sealed against dirt and spills.”


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