Metrologic Releases New Scanner/Scale – the MS2400 Stratos®

MS2400 Stratos five-sided bioptic scanner/scale is now available worldwide. 

Blackwood, New Jersey – September 10, 2007 — Metrologic Instruments, Inc. today announced the release of the newest edition to the company’s line of 360°-bioptic scanners.  The MS2400 Stratos five-sided bioptic scanner/scale increases productivity in demanding, high-volume seated and small checkout environments.  The MS2400 Stratos is now available for purchase worldwide.

In addition to supporting the Stratos family’s exclusive patented features, the MS2400 Stratos comes with more than 10 additional enhancements, including: a faster microprocessor, advanced decoding software and the ability to perform firmware Flash upgrades via a USB interface.  The MS2400’s patented independent scanning planes and modular design promote easy set up, lower maintenance costs and ensure continuous operation.

The MS2400 Stratos separates itself from the competition with its scanning architecture which was specifically designed to handle poor quality codes.  To help retailers boost checkout productivity, the MS2400 Stratos reads high-density codes as small as 4.5 mil and gives operators using a rapid scanning motion the ability to process a product in a single pass regardless of orientation.

“The MS2400 Stratos represents our unrelenting commitment to providing our customers with the latest advantages that will increase their ROI and protect their investments in POS infrastructure,” said Mark Hernandez, senior product manager for Metrologic.  “Because we didn’t want to rest on the success of the MS2200 StratosS, we went back to our customers to ensure we continued to meet their needs.  The MS2400 Stratos is the culmination of our effort to give our customers a scanner/scale that improves the checkout experience for both the cashier and the customer.”


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