DVR Security Solution for Positive Retail Manager

Positive Software company has integreted its Positive Retail Manager with Talon DVR System.  PRM now  provides real-time exception reporting with video integration.

Mdtcs is pleased to announce support of the Talon DVR  point-of-sale (POS) video integration for the general Retail, Pool Supply and Clothing store applications. 

The solution allows the Talon DVR Series to sync video from security cameras with the point-of-sale transactions. Retailers can then produce both real-time and after-the-fact exceptions reports which help management make decisions that improve efficiencies.

According to Positive spokes man, this is the only complete Pos video integration that allows near real-time exception reporting.

The integration also allows a user to pull up after-the-fact reporting to analyze employee performance, or simply search for transactions of interest such as stolen credit card use, misuse of coupons or inappropriate customer returns.

The solution can also be extended to provide real-time local or remote observation for a variety of purposes such as training lanes. 


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