Positive Connect

POSitive Connect Now a Standard PRM Feature

Positive Software companyis  working to make PRM standout as the most feature rich program in its class. The built-in ability to allow data to be accessed over the internet is something most competing programs simply don’t offer, so we’ve decided to make POSitive Connect a standard feature of PRM. Beginning with the next release, a separate unlock will not be necessary to activate POSitive Connect and existing PRM users will simply need to upgrade in order to use it.

In other PRM news, they have two new features that will be available in the next official release. The first is enhanced trade-in capability, which is geared towards businesses, like video game stores, that buy used merchandise from customers. The second is batch tagging and printing of orders, web orders, service orders and layaways. For example, with the current version of PRM all web orders are printed one at a time, which is not very efficient, so this new feature will be a time saver for some of our users.

For more on Positive Connect, please visit http://www.mdtcs.com


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