Positive Retail Manager Released

POSitive Retail Manager is designed for the general retail environment. An impressive list of features allow you do everything from making sales to printing barcoded price labels. PRM is loaded with reports for inventory, sales, profit, taxes, customers and employees. PRM is also e-commerce ready!

MS-SQL Database Engine

SQL provides major advantages over our existing database engine. With greater reliability and flexibility, SQL is a major step forward in the evolution of POSitive software products.  Advanced reports and queries are now quick and easy to produce.

Fully customizable Touch Screen Interface

We’ve designed the ultimate Touch Screen interface, giving you the power to design the Touch Screen the way you want!  You can have up to 30 buttons per screen, all of them customizable.  You decide the layout, color, and size of each button.

Separate “Register Only” module included

Now there is a separate program that can run at all of your registers, keeping the management functions away from prying eyes!  Just run PRM-REG on all of your front counter computers, and never worry about your employees trying to access parts of POSitive that they shouldn’t.

Complete Invoice Activity logging

Now you can know exactly what your clerks are doing when ringing up a sale!  Find out the average time spent on each sale, when lines are deleted from a sale (and what they were), when the cash drawer was opened, and more. 

Enhanced multi-monitor support

Now choose from two different layouts, and have graphics rotate even during a sale.  Trigger a specific image to display when an item is added to an invoice.

Improved Receipts, “You Saved” now supported

We’ve added “You Saved” to the bottom of each receipt (but only if you want it there!). 

Dozens of new Reports and Queries

You’ve asked for better and more flexible reports, and we’ve listened!  Plus, it’s even easier than ever to use 3rd party products such as Crystal Reports to attach to your database and generate reports the way you want them.


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