Pos Software

There was a time in the not so distance past when the only thing that happened at the Point of Sale (POS), was an exchange of cash. Today, thanks to software specifically designed for point of sale  applications, a wide variety of tasks can be performed. The POS is now a place where an establishment’s commitment to customer service is confirmed. Information is exchanged with the customer via Customer Pole Devices. Sales data is recorded, and inventory reports can be generated, and inventory levels adjusted. The almost universal use of bar codes and scanning devices at the POS enables retailers to accurately track virtually every type of sales information. It is possible to program POS software to receive a scan, add the price to the running total of the order, display the item and the price for both customer information and security verification. The process does not need to end there. The purchased item can be subtracted from an inventory level. A pre-set level could trigger an automatic reorder. A detailed sales report can even be generated.     POS software does not represent the cost investment of hardware, and yet it is the software that provides the flexibility to stay on the cutting edge of customer service and satisfaction. The Point of Sale location has now expanded its function from simply cash exchange to be the heart of the accounting, inventory control and sales departments. It also serves as a customer service station. It is the wide variety of POS software and hardware like cash drawer, pole display, scanners, computers, that makes it all work.


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