Cash Register


Every retail business has a cash register that is important as it helps in the handling of cash transactions and other transactions. The first types of cash registers functioned like totaling machines and calculators. These calculators produced a ring every time a totaling was done. The safety device in these cash registers was that the cash drawer could be opened only on the recording of a sale or with a key that was usually with the shop owner.


The modern day cash registers are more advanced and include bar code scanners, cash drawer, pole display, receipt printer, computer, monitor. Bar codes are used to retrieve the prices of goods from a central database. Cash register software are generally connected to computer so that cash transactions are recorded and tax, calculated automatically. There are other functions of a cash register that includes the recording of sales, calculations of discounts and control of the inventory, accounting, reports, etc.


The cash register of today is usually a part of a complete point of sale or POS system. It is with the help of a POS system that, accounts and business transactions of a business is calculated. The main reason that a cash register has is very important to maintain information that the business needs to remain competitive,  petty cash for business transactions, return as change to customers, maintain customer accounts..



The other use of a cash register lies in calculating the amount of money spent, and received in a business day. The cash register also helps in reconciling receipts and in the balancing of the cash drawer. With the balancing of the cash drawer, you can tell if you have made a profit or loss in a day of business.


Today, you can find many cash registers under the price range of $1200. You may think that these low priced cash registers offer low prices, with low functionality. However,  they are as efficient as the higher priced cash registers


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