Cellular POS/Wireless POS Management

Cellular POS/Wireless POS Management 

The computer has made all sorts of businesses easy to handle today. You can today find POS software catering to all types of businesses, including cellular / wireless outlets. POS is the acronym for point of sale, and cellular point of sale software is the software that is installed for cellular businesses. Dependable software for a wireless dealer is critical in the specialized cellular industry. Maintaining maximum control of a cellular retail business is impossible without the assurance that only reliable inventory software can provide. Positive runs on MS SQL or other compatible SQL database. Positive software is inventory driven and is a stand alone, and if you’re looking for inventory software, Positive Retailer products maintain seamless inventory software control from purchase ordering to point-of-sale, saving you time and money 

With cellular point of sale/ Wireless Pos, you may need to invest in POS hardware. The POS hardware is basically the same for most POS systems. It consists of computer peripherals like PC, cash drawers, bar code scanners, Receipt Printers, Pole Display, credit card processors. There are many vendors offering point of sale for the cellular POS software from different companies; however, there are important questions you need to ask the vendor.  

1.      Interface with popular Accounting Packages2.      Inventory Control (Serialized)3.      Commission Tracking and Reconciliation4.      Centralized Database Management5.      Support and Training6.      Software Upgrades7.      Multi-Store /Multi-Location Support8.      Ecommerce Integration Before you actually decide on buying cellular / wireless POS software, it is necessary that you ask for all the features that you would like to have in the cellular POS software.  

It is always better to invest on POS hardware only after having chosen your POS software. This is because different software works on different computer hardware; the POS software that runs in UNIX may not work on the computer that uses windows browser.  It is also important that you choose both the software and hardware from a reputable company; preferable one that also offers support for your computer needs. This way, you can be sure that the hardware and software will be compatible to each other, and that you can be assured of help in case the software or hardware problems.  

Typical features that are needed in a cellular point of sale software are: discount, support for serial numbers, customer tracking, commission payment for sales staff. Of course, with the cellular POS software, you can also get an idea of the exact cost of each transaction, without any need of  guesswork.  Whatever the cellular / wireless POS software is that you choose it might be necessary for you to have the vendor provide the training on the use of their point of sale software.


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