What is averacharge? AveraCharge services offer a streamlined, easy to use payment processing system designed to save you money, provide you better service, and offer you a wider variety of payment service options than other credit card merchant service providers.AveraChargeTM is free, fast, as much as 4-8 times faster than traditional dial-up transactions. Compare the AveraChargeTM 2-3 second transaction times to 15-17 or more seconds with credit card terminals. Faster processing means faster checkouts and happier customers.AveraChargeTM is designed to save you money in several ways:


Lower Processing Fees One source for technical support
Reduced upfront software costs Faster Transaction times
Direct integration with PFW Eliminating Phone Lines
Eliminate bulky credit card terminals Internet Based Processing
Eliminate Bad Check Losses Special rates for Internet based sales
No upfront account setup fees

But saving money isn’t the only reason to consider opening your AveraChargeTM Account! Consider these:

  • Expand your customers payment options
  • Keep your existing bank accounts
  • Easily record and authorize credit card payments
  • 24-48 hour funding
  • Online viewing of credit card settlements
  • Free Rate quotes

For more information on how you can save money and speed up your credit card transactions call us at 951-817-0858. Or, you can fax two months of your current credit card statements if you are an existing business. We will provide you with a competitive quote and comprehensive analysis to show you exactly how your business will benefit from joining the AveraChargeTM service.

Start saving money on your credit card processing today!

To receive a quote or to request more information please fill out the Information Request


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